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Hatchimals is a completely revolutionary toy! This is not just an interactive pet – it grows and improves like any living creature. The penguin can be bright pink with a yellow tummy or pale pink – it is impossible to know in advance because the baby is in the egg and has not yet been born! He likes to talk, play, care about him, feed him. A pet has different stages of growth – a baby, a child, and an adult.

To work, you need 2 AA batteries. The kit includes batteries, with the help of which the pet can hatch. After hatching, batteries can be replaced.

The interactive penguin is designed primarily for girls – so its colors are so bright!

Character pet penguin:

  • Carefree;

  • Naïve;

  • Friendly;

  • Kind;

  • Clumsy fidget.

Help your pet grow and develop! But first, you need to help the chick hatch.

When the pet has not yet hatched.

So, your pet is still in the egg. But this does not mean that he does not respond to your actions! Attach the ear to the egg and hear its heartbeat. The baby rolls over inside and talks by tapping. It is necessary to treat the egg carefully – to warm it, to stroke it.

How to help your pet hatch?

The more you rub the lower part of the egg, the faster the baby will be born. You can actively “communicate” with him during the day, and you can stretch the process for a longer period. It all depends on you!

When the pet is ready to hatch, you will see lights through the surface of the egg. Then he will break the shell with his beak. Here you can also help him, holding him up, stroking, warming – the animal will hatch even more actively!

The animal hatched! First Stage: Baby

Makes baby sounds. Your main task at this stage is to take care of it, feed it, warm it. The claps scare him, the pet can only spin, funny babbling.

Second Stage: Baby

The kid has grown up and now you need to teach him to talk and walk. Also, the pet starts to get bored – he no longer has the usual wiggle, he wants to play. You can teach him to walk with the help of claps – so you can control his movements, and the pet is no longer afraid of these sounds. He cannot speak yet, but he repeats the rhythm of your speech.

Third Stage: Adult

And your pet has grown! He completely repeats your phrases and makes his own funny sounds. Pet learned to dance and does it with pleasure! With the help of pops, you can give him various orders, but he can be capricious – he has his own character. With a pet, you can play in different games!

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