Why is it better to choose cotton baby bedding?

There is a lot of materials for baby bedding, but many people think that cotton bedding is better. Is it true? It all depends on the conditions under which beddingwill be used. On the other hand, the very essence of cotton allows you to use bed linen from it at any time of the year – and this is a great advantage. But not only one – cotton does not cause allergies, which is very important for small children, and it also does not slip and does not stick to the body. And it is very soft and has the property to cool the body perfectly in the hot season. All these advantages of cotton say that this fabric is an excellent material for bed linen.

But cotton has drawbacks – it wears out quickly and becomes very wrinkled, so bed linen can quickly become useless. However, if this is not a problem, there is simply no better material to find. By the way, one should not forget about the age of the child either – after all, at different ages, there are different requirements for bed linen. Between the ages of zero and three years of age, bright colors and many of drawings on the bed linen are contraindicated for a child, but one small image is permissible. But for children older than three years is not so important. On the contrary, they prefer bright bedding with their favorite characters from films or cartoons.

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