A Face Swap Of Adam Driver And Keanu Reeves Is Blowing People’s Minds



Some folks online have long believed that actors Keanu Reeves and Adam Driver could be one and the same. But comic book creator Mark Millar took the lighthearted theory to the next level when he shared what he claimed was a face swap of the two stars on Twitter Monday.

Face-Swap Adam Driver and Keannu Reeves and you just feel confused and slightly lost… pic.twitter.com/u9bZLYX35c

The shot of “Star Wars” actor Driver merged into “John Wick” star Reeves left Millar feeling “confused and slightly lost.”

Many other Twitter users felt much the same:


Wait – they look like they’re both Adam. Or are they both Keano? 😭

Woah. pic.twitter.com/yhDFO0MG58

Adam Driver is just a 4K Keannu

I just see two pictures of Adam Driver. pic.twitter.com/0kP2ja0fDW

So Kylo Ren joined the dark side because someone killed his dog https://t.co/ewKBOEWmKx

Yup totally lost now….😕 pic.twitter.com/ZBxwAYsmxo

It too me much too long to figure out who was who. https://t.co/uWMCnU8p9V


Now we know who Hollywood would call if they ever do a John Wick Jr. spinoff.


Separated at birth


I’m holding out hope for Speed 3: Back on the Bus, starring Adam Driver. https://t.co/OFLXshWJV3


They look the same. I AM CONFUSION


For comparison, here are actual photographs of the pair:

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