Mom goes back to work after discovering son, 8, shot 4-year-old sister, prosecutor says



ASHLAND, Ohio — A northern Ohio mom is accused of going back to work after her son shot his sister, deciding to do more only when the 4-year-old girl began to urinate through a bullet wound in her abdomen.

Alyssa Edwards, 27, of Hayesville, Ohio, is charged with endangering children, a third-degree felony, in connection with the weekend incident. She also is charged with misdemeanor endangering children and is in the Ashland County Jail here on $30,000 cash bond.

She is scheduled to appear again Wednesday in Ashland County Common Pleas Court. If she posts bond, she cannot have contact with her children.

The problems began Saturday morning, Ashland County Prosecutor Chris Tunnell said when Edwards appeared Monday in court.

“The defendant’s husband left for work,” Tunnell said. “His understanding was the children would be dropped off at a babysitter.”

Instead, Edwards went to her job at a horse-training farm, leaving the kids alone, the prosecutor said. Hayesville, a community of fewer than 500 residents, is about 60 miles southwest of Cleveland.

At some point, Edwards’ 8-year-old obtained a .22-caliber rifle from a gun cabinet; got ammunition, which was stored in a separate place; loaded the gun; and shot his sister three or four times, Tunnell said.

Edwards was contacted at work at 10 a.m., the prosecutor said though the details remain unclear on who did so. The mother returned home, checked on her 4-year-old daughter, clocked back in at work at 11 a.m. and worked until noon.

At some point in the early afternoon, the girl began to urinate through one of the bullet wounds, Tunnell said.

“At that point, for the first time, the husband was contacted,” the prosecutor said.

The girl initially was taken to University Hospitals Samaritan Medical Center in Ashland before being transported to a Cleveland hospital.

“She is expected to recover,” Tunnell said. “(But) doctors are concerned urine would infect the wound. Otherwise, the child is doing well given the circumstances.”

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