The 5 Most and Least Accessible U.S. Airports


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There’s no shortage of travel-industry data. Nor is there any shortage of studies that slice and dice the data in a multitude of different ways, with a multitude of different results.

A new study by TravelBank, The Best & Worst Airports for Transit, looks at the nation’s airports through a simple but novel set of filters to uncover the best and worst airports .

“For transit” means the time and expense required to get to the airport from downtown. TravelBank used four factors to assign each of the top 30 U.S. airports a transit score:

So, for example, airports further from the city center were at a competitive disadvantage, and airports with free metro or other service got a leg up in the ratings.

Here are the top and bottom five airports:

The Top 5

The Bottom 5

I’m not sure how much it would change the outcome, but I’d like to see the next TravelBank study incorporate one extra factor in its analysis: the time it takes to get to the departure gate. Because, really, the time from downtown to the terminal is only part of the real transit time.


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