Woman’s Elf on the Shelf rant is all of us this time of year


VIDEO: Its time for that little guy to go back to the North Pole.

Everyone loves the big jolly guy in the red suit that comes around each Christmas.

But the little red-suited guy who hangs around the entire month of December? He’s got plenty of haters.

Perhaps no other parenting prop is as divisive during the holidays as the Elf on the Shelf. And one woman, Carey Rielley, has had it.

Her Elf on the Shelf rant was first posted to Awestruck and has been shared thousands of times.

“I wake up in a panic,” Reilly says in the video. “Because if you don’t move the elf, the children cry. It’s turning me into a pathological liar.”

She told E News All, “This crazy Elf on the Shelf phenomenon is taking over the lives of parents everywhere. It’s the 12-year anniversary of the Elf on the Shelf and he’s tormenting me. This elf is exhausting and making me crazy.

“The struggle is real to move this elf overnight in hopes of creating a magical experience for my kids for the whole month of December,” she said. “I just want to go back to when all I had to do was buy gifts and make cookies.”

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